Our technicians think that Colona Arredamenti is the ideal partner to create home and business projects of great value and effect.

I know Colona Arredamenti for over 15 years. This knowledge and collaboration has enabled me to partecipate to all projects made of custom furniture: from the design, to the constructive solutions, to the experimentation of new materials. Customized furniture has been executed and assembled with skill, care and attention, conforming to the executive drawings provided, meeting the timing requirements.
Another very important aspect is the professionalism and cordiality demonstrated in relationships with both designers and customers, and willingness to satisfy customer needs even when it was not their job. About the building site management, Colona’s artisans are able to solve problems and not create new ones, and this is a remarkable quality in the general landscape of craftsmen.Fair and honest value for money
The union of experience and creative force is pushing Colona Arredamenti towards theexcellence. For me unique partners!

Architect Roberto Quaranta, Pressicce (Lecce, Italy)

Dedication, education and training are the words that characterize Master Stefano, in a supreme way … always that the talent,punctuality and love for their work can be put into a second priority. I have never heard words from him saying “can not do it” or “It is impossible for us” …
This is because the professional approach and dedication to the problem for Stefano are a stimulus to improve himself,  not an obstacle to be circumvented and to solve in the easiest manner. All this and not only, for an architect or a designer in general this means to streamline own creative thinking and therefore a mandatory tool to achieve the best goals.
Thanks Stefano !!!

Antonio Ferilli architect, Gallipoli (Lecce, Italy)

The meeting with Stefano Colona dates back to ’90s with a visit to a small woodworking shop for small wooden children’s stools and at the same time the opportunity to realize an optical store furniture of my own design.
Since then, the collaboration for the realization of residential and commercial furnishings has been constant, chosen for the proven professionalism, but even more for the humility, the desire to grow and not to underestimate, the availability to substantive interventions in the execution phase, most often due to my design remodeling that is never charged in economic terms to the customer.

Albino Coronese architect, Melissano (Lecce – Italy)

Professionalism, seriousness and competence are the cornerstones of the Colonna Arredamenti carpentry, always ready to take a challenge and to accept new dares.

An artisan workshop where technicians and buyers can blindly rely on the creation of high quality furnishings and finishes. The knowledge of woody essences, worked with great skill, places the carpentry Colona in the elite spheres of ¬†Salento’s handicraft.

Renzo De Maria – Interior and set designer (Racale-Italy)

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